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Audit/Measurement & Verification

Our trained auditors understand the complexities of providing measurement & verification and quality assurance services for a wide range of utility programs and initiatives.

Since 2016, RSR has managed Xcel Energy Colorado’s Electric and Gas Distribution Extension Agreement Program. This program extends electric and gas service to customer properties in exchange for 10-year contract commitments. RSR reviews the contracts annually and ensures both parties have fulfilled their contractual obligations according to the Service Policy Rules set by the Public Utilities Commission.

RSR manages more than $200 million in liability for this program. Our efficient performance has enabled Xcel Energy Colorado, for the first time in this program’s history, to consecutively complete 100% of the quarterly requirements. With a customer-centric consulting strategy, RSR continually exceeds our client’s goals.

Consulting services include:
  • Smallworld GIS Quality Assurance
    RSR performs quality assurance review of GIS mapping information for meters and electric/gas lines. We review the Design Engineer’s CAD files and cross-reference this information against multiple datasets to ensure accuracy. When discrepancies are found, we work directly with the Design Engineers to correct the information and databases.
  • Contract Auditing & Database Management
    RSR audits each customer contract against multiple data systems to ensure that it has the proper information associated with the account. We track required information such as energy usage, premise information, meter types, accounting information, etc. to ensure sure the utility and its customers are being paid correctly.
  • Account Auditing Updates
    RSR provides account audit updates on a daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual basis to ensure visibility of the program’s liability and capital lines.
  • Accounts Payable Optimization
    RSR has streamlined the utility’s accounts payable document compiling process to a single document per account – eliminating the need to compile multiple supporting documents with the checks they send to customers. Now all AP Team has to do is send the check with the file we provide.
  • Program Workflow Enhancements & Improvements
    With regulatory changes come program changes. RSR has been responsible for creating program workflow enhancements and solutions that address changing regulatory or department requirements. We ensure all new information and revisions have been accounted for and tracked while making sure they are as tightly connected as possible.
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